At Maverick Lawn Care each customer receives their own

unique prescription for a successful lawn!

The first step in our traditional lawn care program will be collecting a soil sample and sending it to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture for analysis. This is the most important part of creating a unique fertilizer prescription for your lawn! Correct fertilization will build the soil and provide a healthy and dense lawn to crowd out weeds and allow the lawn to overcome the stresses during the growing season. We do not believe that one fertilizer fits every lawn that we care for!
The next step is to put together a plan based on the type of grass and existing environmental conditions that surround your property. Careful consideration is taken when planning fertilizer and weed control options because it is our goal to improve your lawn! 
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Lawn Care Wilimington NC
         The Most Comprehensive, Environmentally Sensitive                            Fertility Management Program In The World!
The Turf Geeks Fertility Management program begins by unlocking your soils potential. Once you purchase the service ($250) you will receive a comprehensive soil report detailing what nutrients are are holding you back from having the lush GREEN lawn that you are looking for. All of this process is backed by science and each homeowner will receive the detailed soil sample zone map and nutrient quantity totals for each zone sampled ( up to 6 per lawn depending on lawn size).Why use this process, accountability and insurance that only the necessary nutrients are applied in the quantities needed for your lawn, because it is IMPOSIBLE to buy one bag at any store that will address every deficient nutrient without being too little is some areas and not enough in others. Interested in learning more, click on the Turf Geeks Icon to the left and explore the possibilities and contact Maverick Lawn Care for a site visit.